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Piedicolle is attainable in just 10 minutes by car from highway E45 (exit Marsciano) and from Collazzone, running along the road which join Collazzone with Pantalla, and turning right after 5 km.). It seems that the name Piedicolle came from the "gens romana", who were called Pedia.
The Medioeval castle was destroyed in 1437 by Francesco Piccinino; after a lenghty reconstruction the walls were again destroyed in 1516 by the troops of Camillo Orsini, the Pope's captain. Rebuilding started again in 1544 with Mariotto of Marsciano.

The Church of St Giacomo and the Chapel of Madonna dell'Acquasanta, containing XV-XVI century frescoes bear witness to the historic significance of the area. It is said that the devotion for Madonna dell'Acquasanta is due to the many miracles, depicted in the Church's frescoes, placed along the road which join Collepepe with Pantalla.

Sites of Arts and Culture - Piedicolle



The Parish Church of "San Giacomo Maggiore"

The Parish Church it's dated on the years between XVI e XVII century; today contains a well conservated "Fonte Battesimale" (baptisimal font) dated on 1632.





Church of"Madonna dell'Acquasanta"

The fresco, placed inside the little church, is attributed to a painter in the XVI century: the Saints St Sebastiano and St Rocco, represented on the fresco, probably means that this work of art was realized and dedicated to the Our Lady of the Holu Water due to her many miracles.