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The origins of Collazzone are dated to Roman Age, as revealed by the presence of an archeologic area called "Le Carceri", located in Collepepe. The origins of Colllazzone are still vague. According to some sources, Attone, of the Atti family, built the original village between the VIII-IX centuries, commissioned by the Dukes of Spoleto, who wanted to maintain their control over the Puglia Valley. Genealogical research has shown that Attone, a descendant of Ildebrando (a Longobard also known as Monaldo III) and referred to as the "Great Count of Umbria" arrived in the area around the year 1000 A.D. obtaining a feudal estatethat stretched from Nocera to Todi.

As the XVI century historical researcher Giovannelli reports, there is a certain evidence af a strong Roman settlement in the Area. Due to its strategic position, the castle underwent considerable pressure from Dukes of Spoleto and the nearby town of Todi that clearly aimed to expand its borders. At the end of XVI century it submitted of Oddo and Pandolfo Baglioni of Perugia and thus obtained its own magistrates; having regained its autonomy Collazzone came under the Pontifical authority, up until Napoleonic occupation. It becaem an indipendent Commune during the Restoration. From the contemporary documents we also gain that: between 1220 and 1121 Todi completely destroyed the Collazzone Castle; in 1250 the castle was sold to Enrico di Paolo, mayor and attorney of Todi; in 1271 habitations were dismantled by Ghibellines of Todi, captained by podestà Guglielmo de' Pazzi; in 1382 Collazzone came under the lordship of Oddo an Pandolfo Baglioni; in 1442 Nello Baglioni, signed a peace treaty, withnessed by procurators from Perugia and Todi, obtaining the protection of Pope Eugenio IV for forty years; in 1648 the village came under direct pontifical administration; from 1809 to 1814 a vice-governor took up residence in Collazzone, at time part of the Trasimeno Department under French Admnistration; in 1827 having become part the district and diocese of Todi, a delegation of Perugia, their new mayor was appointed by Pope Leone XII.

Today Collazzone has a population of about 3 thousand inhabitants and cover an area of 55; it counts a lot of little towns: Collepepe (the most populated), Piedicolle, Gaglietole Casalalta, Canalicchio, Assignano.

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