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CollazzoneCollazzone is placed in the central zone of Commune territories, sitted at the top of a hill, easy attainable from Perugia or Terni (just 10 minutes by car from highway E45, exit Marsciano) and for people coming from Foligno or Spoleto (just 30 minutes by car).
It has preserved the essential traits of military Longobard architecture, with its mediaeval walls still intact as well as ramparts, buttressed and embattled towers.

From the castle walls you can appreciate a beautiful view of the Tiber valley, from Todi to Perugia, remaining inside a territory with forest of oaks, pines and olives, fresh air, where you can walk on horse back, fishing, samples local food products and staying in old-fashioned farmhouses thar are ideal ways of experiencing Umbrian tradition and culture.


In the town you can admire the Parish Church (XIX - XX century), standing in the main piazza. It's dedicated to St Lorenzo the Martyr. Near you can visit The Church of St Michael the Arcangel, next to the monastery of the Franciscan nuns of Collazzone, with the portal in Piazza Jacopone, attributed to Vignola. Outside the town walls you can reach the Convent of St Lorenzo, where lived Jacopone da Todi, who died here on Christmas Eve 1306.


Sites of Arts and Culture - Collazzone


Chiesa Parrocchiale CollazzoneChiesa Parrocchiale di San Lorenzo

The Parish Church (XIX-XX century) stands on the main piazza. It is dedicated to St Lorenzo the Martyr and contains a colorful Romanesque-Byzantyne bas-relief in wood, was restored in 1997, with the restoring also of the main piazza.


< (view from Piazza Umberto I)




Madonna LigneaMadonna col Bambino

The "Madonna col Bambino" is the ancient and most important artistic work of art in the Commune, and probably it could be dated around the XIII century.


Now is preserved in the Parish Curch of Collazzone, inside a special room.


< Madonna col Bambino - XIII Secolo






San Carlo BorromeoSan Carlo Borromeo

The painting of St Carlo Borromeo (200 x 270 cm.) it's dated on 1615, by the painter Pietro Paolo Sensini (Todi, 1555 ca. – news until 1632).


Today it's keeped inside the Parish Hall of Collazzone.







(with i santi Michele arcangelo e Carlo Borromeo)


The painting is mentioned in an inventory on 1744, and it's assigned to Bartolomeo Barbini (Montepulciano, 1580/’85 – 1645). The painting (210x160 cm.) and it's keeped inside the Parish Hall of Collazzone.





Adorazione dei pastori

Adorazione dei pastori (holy crib)




The painting (210x140 cm.), today keeped inside the Parish Hall of Collazzone, it's dated on 1628, by the painter Pietro Paolo Sensini (Todi, 1555 ca. – news until 1632






Convento di San Lorenzo

Convent of San Lorenzo

Formerly, up until 1290, it was a Benedectine monastery; it later became the residence for nuns in the order of St Clare until year 1370, when the monastic community was moved inside the castle, to preserve them from wars and raids of these century.
The convent was restored toward the end of the XVI century. In this convent Jacopone da Todi refuged and died on Christmas Eve 1306, comforted by Fr. Giovanni della Verna.
The abbey crypt, fully restored in the XVII century, maintains its Romanesque architecture and contains the grave of Matilde Marzia, mother of Blessed Simon of Collazzone.