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CanalicchioThe old castle of Canalicchio, today fully restructured, is attainable from casalalta running along the provincial road for 6 km, crossing a mediterranean wood. The castle lies above the Gorgone ravine, 425 m above the sea elel; it was strategic in controlling roads lower down which led to Todi.
The present structure, renamed in 1236 after the reconstruction of its walls, is an amalgamations of various fortresses. In the second half of the XVIII century Canalicchio was decimated by a severe pleague and in 1827 came under the jurisdiction of Collazzone. In the historical centre there is the parish church (1750), the Church of St Philip and James, and not far from the towm the abbey chapel of.
It seems that the name Canalicchio derives from "certain poor people called Canalicole" or from the name of Hercules dog and his page Licha. Every year, on the 1st of May, is celebrated a torch-light procession dedicated to St Fortunato, as an agricoltural propitiatory event.



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CanalicchioChurch of Saints Filippo and Giacomo


Built on the middle of XVII century its placed inside the castle of Canalicchio, and preserves some important paintings, by the painter Marcello Leopardi (Potenza Picena 1750 ca. – Roma 1796).